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The village Monastiraki belongs administratively to the municipality of “Pachia Ammos” and is built in altitude of 180 metres. It is close to "Ha canyon".  A canyon with watermills and the church of Saint Spirit at the root. " Ha canyon" pulls as a magnet visitor’s look as he surveys  from “Pachia Ammos” beach the opposite mountain. At the top of the mountain stands the village of Thripti, which can be reached through “Kato Horio” of Ierapetra and after crossing a splendid pinewood forest.

Monastirakj village is known from 1853 when “Kastrofilakas” report it as "Monastiri" with 221 residents. It is believed that initially had been built in the region of the monastery of Saints Konstantinos and Helen, part of its holy still remains near the church of Saint Stefanos. The first houses were actually houses of monastery monks.

In the Egypt inventory of 1834 it was reported with 10 families, while in 1981 inventory it had 18 residents. For many years there was only one resident in the village, while the last time interval is observed an intense effort of many householders to renovate their buildings, and few of them select this place to live permenantly, trying to escape from the intense rythms of life of urban centres.

A year ago the reformation of village’s paths was completed as well as the creation of the water supply, the sewerage and the maintenance of public lighting that up until then were rudimentary.

There is the Byzantine church of Saint Stefanos and the church of Saint George in the village. The visitor can enjoy his coffee and also try the delicious Cretan cuisine at the two traditional taverns of the village.


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